North Florida businesses trust us to maintain their parking lots.

Your parking lot is the "welcome mat" to your business, providing both functionality and image to your investment. Your parking lot represents capital investment that must be maintained. Let the Kelly family protect, preserve & beautify your asphalt surface.  For decades, we have relied on one single supplier for our sealcoating & crack filling products: SealMaster.  SealMaster is a global leader in the asphalt sealer industry and makes the best product available today.  Innovative products along with our experienced service give us the edge in our market.

  • Restaurants
  • Churches
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Gas Stations & Truck Stops
  • Apartment & Lodging Facilities
  • Campgrounds
  • Schools
  • Retail Settings
  • Any business in north Florida...if you have an asphalt parking lot, we can help you maintain & beautify it.
  • ​Call (850) 672-9128 for your free estimate.