Recycled Milled Asphalt is an Eco-Friendly Choice. Is it right for your project?

What to expect

‚ÄčIn addtional to being affordable & durable, your new milled asphalt surface has  a rustic appeal. The look is a cross between a hot asphalt surface and a gravel surface. It's composition allows percolation, avoiding water pooling on the surface.

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Our Installation

Our professional paving process starts the same as a with hot-mix asphalt. Proper grading & excavation are required to ensure adequate water run off.  Once your prep work is complete, we install milled recycled asphalt with our automated paver and compact. Much of the original tar is still in the product, so after installation is complete, heat from the sun releases the oils & binders to help melt and bind the gravel into one uniform piece of pavement.

What is Recycled Asphalt?

Recycled asphalt is asphalt that is removed from roads & highways before new asphalt is installed. A driveway constructed with milled recycled asphalt is an environmentally friendly choice. Unlike hot asphalt, a recycled asphalt surface hardens over time and is permeable, so your cost is much less than a traditional hot asphalt surface.