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How does an old, rusty truck relate to your asphalt driveway or parking lot?
It's all about relations. Family Relations. Four Generations Strong.

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Deep Florida Roots: Four Generations Strong

 How does a rusty old truck relate to your driveway?

The next time you drive down to the coast to enjoy a day of fishing or a seafood feast, you might notice a lineup of old, rusty trucks in Wakulla County. On Hwy 319 in Medart, you’ll see displayed a collection of vehicles that time forgot. One of those old trucks was my Uncle Gilly Kelly’s work truck. It’s a special truck: a truck that my Grandpapa Taylor Kelly designed and fabricated.  It’s one of the first asphalt seal coating trucks that operated in Florida.  It’s a truck that launched our family business: four generations strong.  So, the next time you see that lineup of old, weathered trucks, look beyond the rust.  Look beyond the obvious decay and think about the local men who put their hearts and souls into making a living for their families.  Men who provided needed services for their community: farmers, carpenters, plumbers, brick masons, and yes, even asphalt paving contractors.  The Kelly family is a pioneer family of Wakulla County. We settled here in the 1800’s, and we’re still here today.  Thank you for giving our family the opportunity to serve you.

-Jack Kelly

Jack Kelly Services, LLC


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